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My name is Joanna Evans, I’m an accountant by day and for the last 4 years a fitness enthusiast. I started my fitness journey roughly 4 years ago training to alongside streamed YouTube videos and purchased DVDs. Fitness is my passion as it elevates the day to day stresses that we can often feel, so it’s my outlet. Working out helps me start my day knowing I’ve done something good for myself. It keeps me healthy and strengthens my bones, it’s a part of my life. Fitness gives me drive, ambition and the feeling of accomplishment that I can go the extra mile! My healthy lifestyle reassures me in mind, body and spirit. My partner to lives a healthy lifestyle and together we like sharing our passions for healthy lifestyles and I often share my delicious recipes.


Is a group of girls which meet and train together on a monthly basis. Every month the girls have a different workout which has varied from zumba, circuit training, boot camp, abs and body pump. The events are held around London. When the weather is nice, events are held in the park where we have a picnic with healthy snacks and we talk about nutrition, fitness and wellbeing. During the cold season, events are in Fitness First Angel. The girls love training together, they push themselves after seeing their friend next to them and it gets a little competitive. Whether you are new to fitness, like to motivate and be motivated and open to meeting other girls with a similar interest then these events are for you


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